NetBeans IDE 5.0 localization project

How To Localize


Please check this overview doc before starting to translate
You can download the l10n-kit (zip file that contains English sources to be localized) from this page


Other HOW-TO docs are available!

Development Build

Development build can be downloaded from the download page, currently only ja, zh and pt-BR are available.
  1. Go to Development Downloads page
  2. Select "5.0" and "Daily", click "Continue" button
  3. Click "download" link for the latest "IDE"

Translation Status

Translation Validation

Please check the validation page to find errors/warnings in your localized .properties files.

Word Count

Translation Scope

We will define the translation scope per language, which may depend on the activity of contributors. There are four different areas listed below. The Core (Minimum) consists of core/, openide/, libs, projects, ide/ and autoupdate/, which are the minimum requirement for localized NetBeans.
  • Core (Minimum) - core part of NetBeans
    .properties files and .html files (except javahelp) under the following directories. core, openide, autoupdate, libs and projects are being used in NetBeans Platform. so we would like to consider them as the Minimum (we used Core) requirement for translation.
    • core/
    • openide/
    • ide/
    • autoupdate/
    • libs/
    • projects/
  • Extra - extra modules other than Core
    for example, j2ee/
    You can pick up your favorite modules (directories).
  • JavaHelp - online documentation
    JavaHelp sources
    • apisupport/project/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/apisupport/project/docs
    • db/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/db/docs
    • db/model/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/dbschema/docs
    • j2ee/platform/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/platform/docs
    • javacvs/cvsmodule/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/versioning/system/cvss/docs
    • monitor/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/web/monitor/docs
    • serverplugins/sun/appsrv81/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/sun/ide/docs
    • tomcatint/tomcat5/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/tomcat5/docs
    • usersguide/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/usersguide/
  • Web Doc
    release documents, which will be on the web too
    • ide/welcome/release/docs/*.html

l10n-kit which contains English sources are available per this translation scope. Check Translation Overview for NetBeans IDE 5.0.

Basic rules for check-in

These are some minimum rules to facilitate working together in the same place. Be careful when touching build.xml. Please get confirmation from Release Engineering. Sometimes an invalid change to build.xml will break the nightly build.
  • use release50 branch
    Use release50 branch for 5.0 translation
  • Do not touch other language files
    Please maintain your own translation files and do not touch other localized files.
  • Do not commit any change for build.xml
    If you have question and request for build.xml, please send the request to NetBeans RE team (nb-re@Sun.COM) and Cc-ing
    This file is very critical, so let's ask permission from the Release Engineering team first.


Project Features

About this Project

NBlocalization was started in November 2009, is owned by masaki, and has 115 members.
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