How to migrate your 5.0 translation to NetBeans 5.5

We understand that most translations (not translated .properties files!!) of NetBeans 5.0 can be re-used in NetBeans 5.5, because the NetBeans 5.5 release is primarily focusing on Java EE 5 and some minor features, and the NetBeans Platform is stable compared to version 5.0.

Below are the steps to migrate existing translations to 5.5. Please do not just copy your old files into the release55 branch as is. As you may know, the NetBeans license has been changed from SPL to CDDL, which means that the license information in has been updated.

If you are not using OmegaT, please pick up the new English files and translate them again from scratch.
If you're using OmegaT (recommended) or an other translation tool with translation memory, then follow these instructions:

1. Prepare TMX for OmegaT

If you already have a translation memory file (TMX), please continue to use it. If not, please prepare it.
Download the Java .properties Import 1.3 utility to generate a new TMX for OmegaT easily. This is how:

1. First copy existing translated files and English original files into the same folder:

(1) Download NetBeans 5.0 source -

(2) Unzip
Translated files are already under netbeans-src/translatedfiles/src. but they are outdated because localization usually happens after a final English IDE is out.
For CVS instruction, please refer NetBeans CVS page.

(3) Get the latest files from CVS release50 branch
% cd netbeans-src
% rm -rf translatedfiles
% cvs checkout -r release50 translatedfiles

(4) Run <prepare> Ant target in translatedfiles

% cd netbeans-src/translatedfiles
% ant prepare

Now you have both English and localized bundles together in the translatedfiles/src-todo directory.

2. Now run the Java .properties Import 1.3 utility against the translatedfiles/src-todo directory to generate a TMX file.
There you should specify:

(1) translatedfiles/src-todo as a source directory to take bundles from

(2) your language

(3) place to put resulting TMX file (you will have to copy it later to your new project you use to translate NetBeans 5.5)

3. By doing that you have migrated the old translations into Omega T's translation memory. When you now step through a current module, the translation memory will propose to you to fill in existing translations everytime you come across them.

If you have trouble preparing it, please send a request to
Team members can offer assistance.

2. Pick up new l10n-kit

The L10n-kit is a zipped archive that contains the translatable English files of 5.5.

3. Translate these files with the TMX

Refer to the following doc about how to use it

4. Commit your files to release55 branch

If you don't have write access, please send a zip file to
Also team members with write-access to the CVS can help with the check-in.


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