Translation Overview for NetBeans IDE 5.5

If you're working on NetBeans 5.0, please refer to 5.0 overview page.


For Developers
able to use ant/cvs
For Developers/Translators
Don't know ant/cvs
Don't have enough disk space
Don't have high-bandwidth network

Get English Sources
NetBeans is providing a tarball which contains English files as l10n-kit. NetBeans 5.5 l10n-kit can be downloaded from

Please note that subversion module in this kit is not needed for localization.

When you want to use the entire IDE sources because you want to build the IDE on your own, you can download the 5.0 sources from here:

For OmegaT users:
If you use OmegaT for translation, you can download zip files OmegaT project folder with English sources. It's the easiest way for you to start translation!!
Download zip file, extract it, open the folder by OmegaT. See  How to translate Netbeans IDE using OmegaT doc in below section for detail steps.

For OmegaT users who want to localize per folder:
The above OmegaT project file contains entire English files per translation scope, it may require a lot of CPU power and memory on your PC. If you want to use smaller ones, please use these zip files, which contains OmegaT project per folder.

For non-OmegaT users:
If you don't use OmegaT, these are zip files for English sources.
You can download and extract them onto your local disk and start translations with your own translation way.

If JDK does not include your languages and you want to localize JDK Swing UIs (Swing FileChooser and ColorChooser, and Dialog) into you languages, please check the how-to doc for Swing UI translation.

TO TRANSLATE PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION ON THE WEB: Download the latest dev build with the docs l10nkits.

Translate Them Please refer these documents. It depends on what you use for translations. Check the translation status page, which is being updated daily.
Put your localized files into translatedfiles/src/.

Verify Translated files If you can build NetBeans IDE, try to check the following documents and verify your translated files are OK on NetBeans.
Please verify your translated files are unicode ascii-ed encoding. If you use OmegaT, these will be done automatically when target file is generated.
If you don't know about the encoding, we can help!! Please send your files to team alias -, someone can help.

Check the translation validation page, which is being updated daily.

Commit your files to cvs
Copy your translated files into translatedfiles/src/ directory and commit them. Please use appropriate branch for check-in. For NetBeans 5.5, we should use "release55" branch.
  • notification can be sent to, check mail archive
  • You can verify your committed files on web 
Please send your files in zip format to team alias -, someone can help for check-in

Try daily build Daily build can be downloaded for testing.

Please send you questions to

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