How our localized files are being validated

This document describes how we're doing run the validation for our localized files.

Validations Pages

We're providing web page for the validation results. The validation will start around 11AM and 11PM JST. Contributors should check if files are updated.

Errors and Warnings

We are checking these errors and warnings. If you're seeing the following errors, please look into your localized files and fix them.

How to fix
Check native characters
 <XXXX> contains native char
forgot to convert native characters to unicode ascii

It will cause garbled characters at running IDE.
Run native2ascii for your localized files before integration
Check over-translation of "choice"
Error ''choice'' should be English in <XXXX>
"choice" should not be translated in the following case, e.g. "Show {0,choice,1#Big|2#Small} Icons"

It will cause critical error sometimes at running IDE.
Revert localization of choice to English

Check mismatch
Error Base key <XXXX> doesn't exist in localized file.
It seems that you didn't put some properties into your localized files. It caused by when you start wrong properties file in earlier l10n-kit.

But it's not urgent because it should not cause critical problem for software, it's just missing, English messages will be used instead.
Translate again. Or please pick up proper .properties for translation.

Check mismatch
Error Localized key <XXXX> doesn't exist in base file.
Same as above. Also it caused by some format errors in your localized files.
  • some characters in blank line e.g. \t
  • \\ is missing at the end in multiple lines
Please check the format in your file. Translate again. Or please pick up proper .properties for translation.
Check invalid character
Error <XXXX> contains \ufffd
It seems that invalid character in your file before you run the native2ascii. Such characters will be converted to \uffff and \uffff by native2ascii

It will cause garbled characters at running IDE.
Please check the \ufffd and \uffff in your files. Run native2ascii -reverse and check your translations in your native languages.
Check over-translation
Key/value pair <XXXX=YYYY> seem to be localized in localized properties file.
These properties are not expected to be localized with #NOI18N keyword, i18n bugs and prefer to leave as English messages.

For example, project name should not contain any localized characters in some languages. So it should be English but localized.

These properties are defined in

But it may depend on your language. In case pt_BR, they wants to use such translation in project name. But it should not contain non-ascii characters.
Revert back to English. Question and comments should be sent to team alias.

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