First Steps for Newcomers

Welcome to TranslatedFiles Project -- the place where NetBeans Platform, NetBeans IDE, and website are translated!

Wonder how to get started in general? Here's the info you need!

The first steps you should take are:

  1. Subscribe to dev AT translatedfiles DOT netbeans DOT org mailing list.
  2. Introduce yourself there: Your name, your login and what language you are interested in. Also, any other interesting fact about yourself or your work and how you use NetBeans.
  3. Check to see if there are other contributors to your preferred language. Do this by asking in your introduction and also checking to see if there is a mailing list for your language. You'll be asked to subscribe to one more mailing list (yes, life's hard ;-) ) and all the uneasy tasks of contribution coordination will be dealt with there.
  4. We hope you have already registered on
  5. In order to contribute,
  6. Note that your role will not be granted immediately, we need to see your contribution first -- see you in action. When you're on a test period, you are able to contribute as well, but your contribution will go through review -- you send your pieces to one of developers and they review & commit / review & reject your changes. And then, after you contribute a bit and you are recognized as a sane and reliable person, you're given Developer role. (Actually, you will be asked to request a Developer role, and you'll get it granted immediately.)

We look forward to your contribution! And, we hope you have fun here!

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NBlocalization was started in November 2009, is owned by masaki, and has 116 members.
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